Upcoming Prospect and Jackpot Livestock Shows


R.G.V. Hill Country Roundup
Prospect Show, Saturday October 15, 2016.


5th Annual Freer Tx Prospect Show
Steers & Heifers
October 22. 2016
Entry Fee $30 per head
Check in 7 am – 9am
Showmanship begins at lO am
Pee Wee, Junior, Intermediate,
Senior & Adult
$5 at the gate
Heifer Show immediately following
Major Show Breed Format
Awards to all Breed and
Reserve Breed
Lambs & Goats
October 23. 2016
Entry Fee $20 per head
Check in 7am-9am
Showmanship begins at lO am
Pee Wee, Junior, Intermediate,
$5 at the gate
Lamb Show immediately following
Lamb format:
South down, Fine Wool,
Fine Wool X, & Med.
Goat Format:
Light, Medium & Heavy
Grand & Reserve Champions
Show Supply Trailer on site
Generators Welcome
Concession stand available
For more info contact
Gaby Perez (956) 286-3087

Cotton Country Classic

Cotton Country Classic
RMB Fairgrounds -Robstown, TX
Non-Sanctioned Show Hosted by: Nueces County 4-H
Saturday Oct. 15th – Steers & Heifers
Official Weigh-In: 8 – 9:15 am
Showmanship: Junior, Intermediate, & Senior – Starts @ 9:30 am
Two Rings for both species – Shows will run concurrently
$25 Ring A or $40 both rings
Judges: Ingrid Tusa; Reagan, TX & TBA
Sunday Oct. 16th – Lambs & Goats
Official Weigh-In: 7:45 – 9:00 am
Showmanship: Junior, Intermediate, & Senior – Starts @ 9:15 am
Two Rings for both species – Shows will run concurrently
$25 Ring A or $40 for both Rings
Judges: Jess Yeaman; Uvalde, TX & TBA
Grand & Reserve Grand:
Ring A – Banners
Ring B – Grand: $100 & Buckle, Reserve: $75 & Buckle
Division Winners:
Ring A – Banners
Ring B – Show Halters, Show Sticks, & Blankets
Ring A – Rope Halters
Ring B – Scrub/Bristle Brushes & Muzzles
For More Informaion:
Nueces Co. Extension Office
Kyle McManus
If you participate in the ‘My Show
Family’ series in Three Rivers, you
can earn points at this show.
Simply pay your $5 series fee upon
check‐in and your placings will
count toward total points in the
Three Rivers series.
*Early arrival allowed Sat. evening
if needed*

2016 Duval County-prospect-show

2016 Duval County-prospect-show

November 12-13, 2016
Benavides FFA Barn(Located off of Hwy. 2295 next to Benavides High School)
Schedule of Events
Saturday November 12, 2016
– 7:00a.m -9:00a.m
• Steer & Heifer Show
• Weigh& Classify
• Heifer Check – In
• Showman Ship Talk
• Heifer Showman Ship
• Heifer Show
• Steer Showmanship
• Steer Show
Sunday November 13, 2016
• Lamb & Goat Shows
• Weigh& Classify Lambs
• Check-In & Weigh Goats
• Showmanship Talk
• Lamb Showmanship
• Lamb Show
• Goat Showmanship
• Goat Show
Steer Breed Format: Steers & Heifers will be shown by their respective breeds and then compete for Division
Champs American, English and Exotic, and then overall Grand Champions
One animal constitutes a breed
Heifer Class Breaks: January 2016 or younger
September – December 2015
May – August 2015
January – April 2015
September – December 2014
Lamb Breed Format: Southdown, Fine wool, Fine wool Cross, Medium Wool
Goat Format: Light Weight, Medium Weight, Heavy Weight
Entry Fees: $20.00 per head. Entries must be received by November 11, 2016. Payment at Check-In
Will be accepted with a $5.00 late fee per head. Check payable to: Duval Classic
P.O. Box 486, Benavides, TX 78341
For questions, please contact: Jennika Cantu, Duval County Extension Office @ 361-256-4591.
Generators are welcomed!!
Prizes: Customized Buckles, T-Shirts and more! Jackpot showmanship


South Texas Double Trouble
Prospect Show
Steer and Heifer Show – November 12, 2016
Atascosa County Showbarn – Hwy 97, Pleasanton, Texas
Heifers Ring A – Judge Greg Gruben Steers Ring A – Judge Greg Gruben
Steers Ring B – Taylor Osbourn
Entry Fees: Heifer Show
Ring A: $35.00 Friday, November 11 – Check In: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Ring B: $35.00 Steers Only Sat., November 12 – Check in: 7:00 am – 8:00 am
Early Entry Deadline- Oct. 31, 2016 Sat., November 12 – Heifer Showmanship: 8:00 am
Late Entries-CASH ONLY plus $10.00 per entry Sat., November 12 – Heifer Show: following Heifer
Steer Show
Prizes: Friday, November 11 – Check In: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Heifer Show: Buckles to Div. Champions Sat., November 12 – Check in: 7:00 am – 9:00 am
Prizes to Reserve Div. Sat., November 12- Steer Showmanship after Heifer
Show Steer Show: Buckles to Breed Champions A&B Steers Show: Immediately after Showmanship
Prizes to Reserve Champions A&B Ring B: Will begin after the completion of 1st
Showmanship: 3 Heifer & 3 Steer Buckles Steer Breed Champion Selection
Prizes to Reserve Champions
Executive Inn 830-569-8747 Bring Generators and Water Hoses!
Super Eight 830-569-5587
Holiday Inn Express 830-769-3323 Please call 830-569-0034 for more information

Dimmit County Classic

Dimmit County Classic

Steer, Heifer, Swine, Lamb, Goat Shows
December 3-4, 2016
Dimmit County Multipurpose Building
539 Industrial Boulevard
Carrizo Springs TX, 78834
Judge For Both Days Micah Walker
Schedule of Events
Saturday December 3rd Sheep and Goat Show
7:00-9:00a.m. Weigh & Class all Sheep and Goats
10:00a.m Lamb Showmanship (Senior, Junior, Pee Wee)
Lamb Show to Start After Showmanship
Immediately Followed by
Goat Showmanship (Senior, Junior, Pee Wee)
Goat Show will follow goat showmanship
Sunday December 4th, Cattle and Hogs
7:00a.m. –9:00a.m. Weigh/Class/Check Papers: Steers Heifers, and Swine
10:00a.m. Swine Showmanship (Senior, Junior, Pee Wee)
Swine Show Starts Immediately Following Showmanship
Steer Showmanship (Senior, Junior, Pee Wee)
Steer Show
Heifer Showmanship (Senior, Junior, Pee Wee)
Heifer Show
Dimmit County Classic Non Sanctioned Prospect
Cattle; American, English, Exotics
Sheep; Fine Wool, Fine Wool Cross, South Down, Medium Wool
Swine: York, Hampshire, Duroc. OPB , Cross
$25 per head.
$10 late if post-
marked after Nov. 15, 2016
$35 fee at check-in (per head)
Juniors 13 & under
Seniors 14 & over
(Buckles for Showmanship, Overall Grand Champion
& Reserve Grand
Prizes for Breed Champion & Reserve Breed Champions
For More Information Contact:
Richie Griffin 830-876-4216 office
830-876-8030 Cell



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